Wash Auto Panel is an automated solar panel cleaning system that respects the surfaces and sealing joints of solar panels.

It has two cleaning methods in one. An “automatic” manual washing with a soft and effective brush, and another, a controlled water treatment or fine rain.

Wash Auto Panel is based on the traditional concept of soft and careful “hand washing”. Thanks to the automation of the same, it, allows to achieve up to 20% more energy production in solar farms and a saving of 95% of the time spent.

The wash auto panel system not only cleans fastly and carefully but is capable of doing it in a single pass as well, as can adapt without any problem to the different sizes of the panels.

For this, a line of controlled pressure multidirectional jets will spray and wet with water the entire surface to be cleaned so that it weakens the embedded dirt.

Other automatic cleaning systems are more aggressive and damaging to the surfaces and gaskets of the panels, however, Wash Auto Panel  has a set of brushes of high quality Nylon, which will remove sensitively and without pressure, any kind of dirt deposited on the panels, leaving them free of any barrier that limits their performance.

In addition, the continuous and harmonious movement of brushes caressing the modules, allows the expulsion of dirt with the turns at the end of the module, thus ensuring a thorough cleaning of the entire surface.

The technology used by Wash Auto Panel has broken with the fear of automated cleaning by contact. It neither produce pressure on the modules nor any static electricity. Also, do not scratch the surface of the modules.


Unlike any other solution existing in the market, regardless of the state of dirtiness of the panels, we ensure the cleaning efficiency, preserving the agreed performances and guaranteeing no affection on the 2 guarantees of the solar modules offered by the manufacturers, guarantee of product and power guarantee.


Independent laboratories, after testing our solution with different panel manufacturers, has certified that it is an effective solution that will not damage or affect the guarantee. The simulation carried out would represent a cleaning per month for 25 years.


Our mature and proven solution, in addition to our team coordinators, data analysts, experienced machinists and design team, makes it possible to ensure and maintain this indicator at the highest level over time.

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