Explotaciones Agrícolas Luján XX years of history

Explotaciones agrícolas Lujan , is a family business group born in Cartagena, which since 1998, is specialized in its owned and independent farms, works for third parties and machinery rental. Due to this we are considered a consolidated and highly reliable company in the sector.

It was in 2008 that in agreement with our success and extensive career in our family business and our commitment in the renewable energies field, especially in the photovoltaic energy sector, we focused all of our efforts in the innovation, with the development of the perfect solution for cleaning the photovoltaic modules…essential part in their maintenance.

For more than 2 years, the technicians and engineers of the company developed and experimentally tested the system until, seeing its results and benefits, it was used as a work tool.


In 2009, after being defined and validated the industrial design, WASH AUTO PANEL brand is created with headquarters in Cartagena (Murcia), making its initial activity to the cleaning and maintenance of solar panels for large photovoltaic power plants and solar towers.


WASH AUTO PANEL is a business project comprising personnel whose main goal is to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers, with a vocation for service and ambition for continuous improvement.


Tractors modern fleet


Machinist equipment

+ 13 years of experience in


Mechanical equipment and own design


Large companies in the renewable energy sector, satisfied with our services can give credit to our professionalism, quality and high performances.


All WASH AUTO PANEL workers are trained in the cleaning of solar farms and respect safety regulations and prevention of occupational hazards in the performance of their work. In addition, the company has all the certifications of safety and prevention and training for the entire workforce in the development of work, following a pattern of work that does not put at risk neither staff’s physical integrity nor the facilities in which they work